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    Recently I’ve been developing 2 themes for WordPress and BuddyPress, one is called Surface and the other is called Centro. Version 2 of Surface is currently being developed with the premis of learned experiences and user feedback for version 1.

    Surface is a theme which is versatile in terms of its neutral branding and configurations available and version 2 aims to build on that.

    Also it was important to make the theme responsive with a mobile-first approach, that said there’s still a long way to go.

    Initially I had considered using a CSS framework, like bootstrap or materialize and adhering to the practices outlined with those codebase’ but there wasn’t enough coverage for specific layout requirements that run in tandem with WordPress and BuddyPress without writing a load of custom CSS on top of that. This for the 3rd theme to be developed led to a complete ground-up design and development which will bring lots of useful features and functionality.

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