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1) Background

Centro is a WordPress and BuddyPress hybrid theme, since building Surface for WordPress & BuddyPress then releasing on Github there has been some very constructive criticisms, feedback and bug finding in order to release a worthy theme and an open-source project.

It’s been a fun exercise with some frustrations whilst working with WordPress & BuddyPress. Ultimately I have seen the benefits of working this way in my spare time and have began to develop a new theme with a beta name of Centro.

2) Iteration

I’ve worked as a self-employed Web Design & Developer since 2009, sometimes full time, sometimes part time and other times in a voluntary capacity. I’ve learned through my years of experience to build in an iterative fashion, optimising and refining as I go.

3) Goals & Aims Before setting out it’s important to define your goals and aims, generally in the open-source area I’m running with the idea that the end product meets a demand and requirement to be filled.

4) Centro

Working on Centro I’ve learned a lot since designing and developing the brand agnostic (ish) theme, Surface. I’ve learned how to work with WordPress filters and tackle responsive issues with both CSS, solid HTML markup and JavaScript (jQuery mainly).

Centro builds on my personal design aspirations and aims to meet the previous spec set out for Surface whilst making the product more usable as an administrator and end user.

5)Closing Thoughts

I’ve learned that building responsive themes isn’t an easy thing to do, with so many moving parts on both front and back-end it’s important to evaluate and evolve features and functionality.

With this I aim to build a new theme and maintain support for Surface.

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    1. I think, when it’s ready for release I will put a demo here on buddycore and have a poll. It’s easier for me to support a theme when I am getting paid for it.

      Surface is doing well, but because it’s free I can’t spend as much time on it as I would like to.

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