New theme in development and is currently live on - Please check back often for updates (11/12/16).

What themes are available?

Currently I have two themes in progress, 1 of which has yet to be released. Both themes are responsive and support the core features of WordPress and BuddyPress out of the box.

I've currently stopped support for Surface but will be releasing Centro in 2017 on GitHub.

What support do you offer?

Currently I supply support for both themes here on and also via GitHub issues.

I have a clear idea of what the themes aims and goals are, these will only change when there is enough user feedback for changes to make it to core.

What's it to me?

Using one of my themes will enable you to focus on your content and your community with the power of WordPress & BuddyPress at your finger tips.


Surface and Centro are two themes that have been built over a 4 - 6 month period.

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