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What is Surface


Surface is a theme for WordPress, BuddyPress and BBPress that is currently in development.

The main aims of the project are to provide front-end solutions which reflect the functionality of WordPress, BuddyPress and BBPress in a consistent and user friendly way.

Also to offer some configuration and customisation options to site administrators whilst not breaking underlying UI concepts.

1) WordPress Pages

Writing a blog, a news area or even tutorials in WordPress is great from a publishing point of view and what you get when using WordPress to power your site. The back-end via WP-Admin is robust, feature rich and familiar. Surface exposes your posts in a simple way and provides templates for the various types of archives.

2) WordPress Pages

WordPress pages are generally speaking static content that reside on your WordPress site, with Surface you can choose from 3 basic templates to layout your page with a sidebar to the left or right or a full width page. Thumbnails and comments are also supported in both posts and pages.

3) BuddyPress Registration and Activation

Registration is fully supported allowing site administrators to choose which fields to show to any registering member.

Activation emails will be sent upon registration and a user can activate their account and then login this way. BuddyPress now has support for manual activations via WP-Admin for those who failed to receive the activation email.

4) BuddyPress Activity Streams

The Activity Stream component extends globally and on a member level, there is a “global” activity stream which aggregates all activity updates in your site and across your multi-site network. Each component when available will show an update form at the top of the archive or inline for activity stream discussions to happen in place.

Surface again ships with a familiar layout for these components on both the global and member / groups level. Useful statistics are also in different places such as the member directory and sidebar.

5) BuddyPress Member Profile

The Members components comes with the following;

  • Members Directory
  • xProfile / Profile Page
  • Notifications
  • Private Messaging
  • Friendships
  • Groups
  • Blogs / Sites
  • Settings

Again each of these areas with Surface as a theme have a familiar look and feel which results in a better browsing experience for your members.

6) Groups Component

This post will be updated when this feature is added.

7) BBPress

This post will be updated when this feature is added.

8) Configuration and Customisations

This post will be updated when a clear list of these items has been defined and developed.

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